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The Cacao Portal

The Cacao Portal is a 4-week online course that empowers you with tools to co-create with the medicine of ceremonial cacao in a non-dogmatic way.

You will get practical tools to establish (or deepen) your relationship with ceremonial cacao, as well as meditations, frequency tonings and journaling exercises to integrate the medicine of cacao.

Cacao is here to aid you in uncovering and stepping out the truth of who you are, and we created this course as a way to share the cacao in a well-researched, but approachable way that combines both knowledge and experience.

What’s included:


  • A guide to buying ceremonial cacao
  • How to prepare ceremonial cacao
  • Ceremonial cacao nutritional information

Week 1:

  • How we started working with ceremonial cacao and the magical outcomes
  • Cacao spirit activation meditation

Week 2:

  • Cacao blessing toning activation
  • Suggestions to get playful with ingredients
  • Guided intention setting for working with cacao
  • How to create the space to be with the emotions that arise
  • Cacao as a healer
  • Different types of ceremonial cacao
  • Q&A: Should I drink cacao daily?
  • Q&A: Should I drink cacao on an empty stomach?
  • Journaling

Week 3:

  • Guided journey to connect to your purpose
  • What is a cacao ceremony, really?
  • What to do if you’re called to serve cacao
  • How to hold space for others
  • Frequency toning cellular activation

Week 4:

  • Does “organic” and “raw” cacao mean anything?
  • 5 ways to clear “stuck” energy
  • Frequency toning + meditation


We're Ksenia Avdulova and Erin Eber, your co-creators on this journey. Tune into our work on Instagram to see if there's alignment: @whereisksenia and @erineber.

You can also listen to Woke & Wired episode 101 on cacao ceremony and frequency healing.

🍫 🤍

Drawn to this, but not ready to commit? Experience what it's like to share space with us in the replay of this virtual cacao ceremony circle with frequency toning.


What People Are Saying:

“I'm feeling it deeply after a cacao and frequency healing session with Ksenia and Erin. So much love from these two. My heart fluttered!”

“My mind (and my journal) is exploding with with amazing ideas and focused intention!”

“Erin is a masterful mystical space holder. Of all the cacao ceremonies I’ve attended, yours has always topped my list of the most profound experience. You’re my go-to siStar. ”